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At Blatchington Road Flooring Ltd. we are environmentally conscious to the best of our ability. We work in partnership with our suppliers and with our customers to do all we can to minimise environmental impact. 

We have set up this page to share some of our ideas and initiatives with you. Do let us know if you have some top-tips of your own!


Carpet on top of a compost heap acts as an insulator, trapping in heat and speeding up the process of breaking down all that matter into lovely compost for you!

Contact us to check what we have available for your needs.

Free Cardboard Tubes

When our our work is complete, the carboard tubes that protect our carpets can be be put to an almost infinite amount of uses. Whether you are a school, business, community group or a household, contact us to check what we have available, then pop in and see us to pick up your free roll(s).

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